New Baltimore police warn parents of stranger danger, release video surveillance

Posted at 5:02 PM, Jan 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-24 17:02:03-05

Another case of stranger danger out of New Baltimore. Police warned parents over the weekend of a man driving a burgundy van offering a ride to two boys.

Now, surveillance video shows another incident involving a girl yesterday afternoon at Pine Street and Orchard Lake Drive.

Police are trying to get the word out by passing out fliers in hopes of someone being able to identify the driver of the van.

Detective Ken Stevens said, "Our worst fear is that this is an individual who is preying on children and we have very little information at this point to go on."

New Baltimore Police are on the look out for the driver of the Ford E-Series Van.

Police say man is exhibiting suspicious behavior.

The latest incident happened Monday afternoon at the corner of Pine Street and Orchard Lake Drive.

The surveillance video shows the van sitting at the corner for 10 minutes, when a school bus stops nearby.

After the bus drops off three students, the driver of the van appears to be following one of the girls.

The school bus driver waited until the kids were inside their homes.

School bus drivers were on high alert after learning about the first incident involving a similar van.

Two boys told police Saturday a man driving a burgundy van followed them and asked if they wanted a ride.

That happened about two miles away, near Hathaway Street and Washington Avenue.

Police are asking folks to help identify the driver of the van.

"Dark burgundy Ford full size van, it has a black grill. Looks like it may have a bug shield on the front with dark grey painted bumpers and no windows on the sides," Stevens added.

Police describe the driver as a white male in his mid 20s with a visible neck tattoo.

If you know the man, call police right away.