New bill would crack down on distracted driving in Michigan

Posted at 5:52 PM, Mar 31, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-31 19:13:31-04

Some state lawmakers want to put tougher new distracted driving laws on the books. 

They could come with fines of $250 for the first offense, $500 for each additional offense and points on your driving record. In many cases, drivers would get a warning the first time they are stopped. A campaign is going around the state to get support for the new laws. 

Southfield Police Chief Eric Hawkins says the new laws are not to pile up tickets and collect fines but to get drivers to be aware of the dangers of using cell phones to text, call, search and look at media while driving.

Jacob Frybler, 17, died after crashing while texting and driving 60 mph on a two lane road.

His mother and father are part of the campaign. Diane Frybler says Jacob knew better and Jim Frybler still has Jacob's cell phone he shows when talking about his son. Jim says Jacob's voice is still on the voicemail answering message. He last called it on Monday from the cemetery.

The legislation is in the early states in Lansing. Supporters say similar new laws in other states have reduced the number of crashes and deaths.