New Blaze Pizza hands out 1,000 free pizzas, donates $5,000 to Food Gatherers

Posted at 4:59 PM, Aug 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-23 16:59:40-04

Pizza is delicious, especially when it's free and for a good cause! Blaze pizza has opened its fourth shop in Southeast Michigan.

Darla Bowen, the marketing director for Blaze Pizza Midwest, said,"When we open a new location what we love to do is feed everyone free pizzas."

Many folks waited in line to try a pie! Once the company hands out 1,000 free pizzas, it will donate $5,000 to Food Gatherers, a local food bank.

Susan Bellinson of Food Gatherers explained, "For every dollar we raise, we can buy three meals. So for $5,000 we will get 15,000 meals for people in need in this community."

Blaze Pizza markets itself as fast and casual pizza joint.

Bowen said, "You walk down the assembly line, you can pick a specific combination or build your own. If you see something you like on your pizza have them put it on there."

it seems folks enjoyed a free lunch, Kristy Peterson who is a mother of four.

"It was actually a wonderful experience," she said.  "They got to pick everything they wanted on the pizza because otherwise they would fight about what's on the pizza, so they got to do everything themselves which is fabulous."

Her son, Andrew Peterson, agreed.  "Chicken, pepperoni, sausage mozzarella, it's delicious."

If you are missing this event, you're in luck they will be opening another location soon near University of Michigan's campus.

Bowen said, "It's under construction right now so it should be somewhere to the middle or end of September. So we are going to hit Ann Arbor hard."

Making for another opportunity to eat free pizza for a good cause.