New development for Paradise Valley Entertainment and Cultural District in Detroit

Posted at 5:33 PM, Jun 29, 2016

New development is coming to a Detroit neighborhood.

The area around Harmonie Park will now be called Paradise Valley Entertainment and Cultural District.

Mayor Michael Duggan said, "Today's announcement is another major step forward in Detroit's recovery."

A $52 million development project is meant to revitalize the area near East Grand River Avenue, Centre and Randolph streets.

It will be called Paradise Valley, getting its name from the predominantly African-American neighborhood from the 1920s to the 1950s.

It was a bustling area filled with businesses and restaurants. It was demolished to make way for the Chrysler Freeway.

Now, rich African-American art and culture will continue to live on in the new Paradise Valley.

Moddie Turay, the Executive Vice-President of Real Estate and Finance at the Detroit Economic Growth Corp., said, "A pretty powerful statement for not only the city of Detroit, but for its residents as well to know that everyone is involved in the resurgence of Detroit."

The development will include selling five city-owned buildings and two parking lots. Developers say the area is within walking distance of Comerica Park and Ford Field.

"People from around the world will say when you go to Detroit, this is the area you have to be in," Turay added.

The plan is to create luxury apartments, retail space, a boutique hotel, restaurants, a 5-story parking garage and a jazz club.

"The idea of a jazz club where you come in through the back alley and knock on the door to come inside is something that will attract a lot of attention and I'm looking forward to that," the mayor added.

City officials say the next 12 months will consist of approving plans and after that construction will begin.