New ways to prevent hackers this tax filing season

Posted at 5:13 AM, Feb 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-07 06:56:36-05

Tax season is here, and if you get a jump start — you could save yourself some peace of mind.

Roughly 155 million returns will be filed this year—and about 70-percent of us can expect some cash back with an average refund of nearly $2,900 last year. So, it’s easy to see why hackers will be busy this season. 

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“The thieves love to file early, that’s what they do… all they need is your social security number, date of birth and your name to file a tax return…” said Kwame Matthews of H&R Block. 

And many of that specific information is already available, if you keep in mind last year's big data breach of Equinox. 

Experts say file early, but also note that many of us will notice something different this year on the W2: a verification code in box nine. 

Many filers will find it this year — an added way to stop would-be thieves.

Keep in mind, a number of things can still trip you up: the wrong social security or a misspelled name. 

The IRS says most filers will get their refund back in less than 21 days.