KNIEVEL Robert Craig Knievel better known as Evel Knievel approaches the landing ramp with his motorcycle during his unsuccessful effort to leap over 15 cars, including two light trucks, at the Cow Palace in San Francisco, Calif., on Friday, March 3, 1972. Knievel's motorcycle went out of control at the end of the ramp and he injured his left leg. (AP Photo)Photo by: ASSOCIATED PRESS ELIZABETH TAYLOR MICHAEL WILDING Actress Elizabeth Taylor and her husband Michael Wilding return from their honeymoon in the Swiss Alps, at London Airport, London, March 3, 1952. (AP Photo/Eddie Worth)Photo by: EDDIE WORTH/ASSOCIATED PRESS Reichstag Fire 1933 Berliners and Nazi guards visit the charred Session Room of the Reichstag, March 3, 1933. (AP Photo)Photo by: ASSOCIATED PRESS Franklin D. Roosevelt, Burnet Maybank, Henry Lockwood With a navy cape thrown over his shoulders, President Franklin D. Roosevelt is shown, March 3, 1939, as he drove in an open car from the Charleston, S.C. with Gov. Burnet Maybank, and Mayor Henry Lockwood. They are traveling from the Charleston Navy Yard to Roosevelt's special train on which he returned to Washington after a two-week cruise in the Caribbean observing naval war games. (AP Photo/George R. Skadding)Photo by: George R. Skadding/AP Stan Musial and Walter Eberhardt Stan Musial helps Professor Walter Eberhardt demonstrate a new exercise at the St. Louis Cardinals camp in St. Petersburg, Florida on March 3, 1962. Eberhardt is director of physical education at St. Louis University and conducts the Cards calisthenics program. (AP Photo/Harry Harris)Photo by: Harry Harris/ASSOCIATED PRESS Thomas Cole, Thomas L. Cole Medic PFC.Thomas Cole of Richmond, Va., presents a bright study as he prepares a c-ration at the First Cavalry Division headquarters near An Khe, Vietnam, March 3, 1966. Only a few weeks ago, Cole received a head wound during heavy fighting near An Thi. He refused to be evacuated and continued to tend to the wounded despite a large bandage on his face. Almost a month to the day, the same AP photographer, Henri Huet, found Cole gain, back on duty in the jungle. (AP Photo/Henri Huet)Photo by: Henri Huet/AP Clay Regazzoni Flames leap at him as Clay Regazzoni sits temporarily trapped at the wheel of his BRM after a crash, March 3, 1973 in Johannesburg, South Africa. A spokesman said later that he and Mike Hailwood, whose car Regazzoni hit, suffered minor burns. (AP Photo)Photo by: Anonymous/ASSOCIATED PRESS Franklin Singer Aretha Franklin poses with her Grammy Award at the 17th Annual Grammy Award presentation in New York on March 3, 1975. The award is for her performance in "Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing." Franklin has won every Grammy Award for "Best Rhythm and Blues Performance, Female" since this category was created in 1968. (AP Photo)Photo by: AP Watchf Associated Press Domestic News  Colorado United States APHS49677 FATAL PLANE CRASH SCENE A Fireman walks through the burned wreckage of United Airlines Flight 585 that crashed in a park south of Colorado Springs, Colo. on Sunday, March 3, 1991. (AP Photo/Ed Andrieski)Photo by: ED ANDRIESKI/ASSOCIATED PRESS USA ELVIS NANCY SINATRA Rock'n Roll star Elvis Presley is welcomed by Nancy Sinatra at the airport of Fort Dix, N.J. on March 3, 1960. The famous singer has returned to the USA after finishing his military service in Germany. (AP Photo)Photo by: STR/ASSOCIATED PRESS John Glenn 1962 Lt. Col. John H. Glenn Jr., winding up busy days in New York on March 3, 1962, rides in car with his family from the Waldorf Towers en route to Newark airport in Newark, N.J. Glenn and his family were flying to his home town in New Concord, Ohio, for another welcoming ceremony. With Glenn and his wife is their son, David. (AP Photo/John Lindsay)Photo by: John Lindsay/AP Boston India Wharf Fire Two fireboats help finish up the battle against a fire that swept through Boston’s historic India Wharf, March 3, 1955. Flames raced through many old wooden structures but left untouched the brick and marble warehouse (right center) the only commercial structure designed by Charles Bulfinch, chief architect of Boston’s early days and designer of the State Capitol. Site of famous Boston tea party was inland from here as docks were extended and harbor filled in over the years. (AP Photo/Bill Chaplis)Photo by: Bill Chaplis/AP Wilt Chamberlain, Wilt the Stilt Wilt Chamberlain of the Philadelphia Warriors takes a drink of milk in the dressing room at Hershey, Penn., March 3, 1962, after he set a new NBA record by scoring 100 points as his team defeated the New York Knicks, 169-147. (AP Photo/Paul Vathis)Photo by: Paul Vathis/AP Michael Jackson Pop superstar Michael Jackson performs to the crowd at New York's Madison Square Garden, March 3, 1988. Jackson's latest album, "Bad" has sold 11 million copies worldwide. (AP Photo/Ron Frehm)Photo by: Ron Frehm/AP WWII PHILIPPINES MANILA 1945 Looking north from downtown section of the city of Manila showing wreckage and devastation on March 3, 1945. In the distance on the left is Santo Tomas, former Japanese prison camp. (AP Photo/Frank Filan)Photo by: Frank Filan/AP Bob Hope, Bing Crosby Bob Hope (4th from left) and Bing Crosby (3rd from left) hosted the entire University of California (Berkeley) basketball squad on tour of Paramount Studio in Los Angeles on March 3 1947 winding up on the set of “Road to Rio,” in which they are co-starring with Dorothy Lamour. The Squad, in Los Angeles for a two-game series with U. S. C. wear “Scouted” by both Hope and Crosby for possible baseball talent, both men getting in plugs with a couple of prospects in behalf of the Cleveland Indians and Pittsburgh Pirates respectively No deal wear reported. (AP Photo)Photo by: ASSOCIATED PRESS SS Europa The SS Europa, a German Liner pictured on March 3, 1930. (AP Photo/Staff/Len Puttnam)Photo by: Len Puttnam/ASSOCIATED PRESS WWII GERMANY COLOGNE POWS Two German soldiers, with their hands raised, are marched down a street in Cologne, Germany, March 3, 1945, on their way to a prisoner of war camp behind Allied lines. Cologne, an important railway hub, has been captured by troops of the 1st U.S. Army. (AP Photo/William C. Allen)Photo by: WILLIAM C. ALLEN/ASSOCIATED PRESS Killer Joe Piro "Killer" Joe Piro, left, dance dictator of the discotheque set, swings his latest creation, The "Mlle.," also called The "Milly" during a session at the Ondine Discotheque in New York, March 3, 1965. Piro forcasts the end of rock and roll, and the rebirth of rhythm and blues. (AP Photo/Marty Lederhandler)Photo by: MARTY LEDERHANDLER/AP WWII England Bombs Stacked Guns, tanks, bomb, ambulances, half tracks, lorries and vehicles of every description now are being got ready for the second front at a U.S. service of supply Ordnance depot somewhere in England, on March 3, 1944. Stacks of 1000 pounders at Invasion city. (AP Photo)Photo by: AP Jesse Owens Olympic Athlete Jesse Owens waves and greets the crowds along Broadway in New York City, March 3, 1936. (AP Photo)Photo by: AP Ginger Rogers Jimmy Stewart Ginger Rogers and Jimmy Stewart hold the Oscars they won for best actress and best actor, respectively, at the 13th Annual Academy Awards, March 3, 1941, in Los Angeles, Calif. Miss Rogers was chosen for her portrayal in "Kitty Foyle"; Jimmy Stewart in the "The Philadelphia Story." (AP Photo)Photo by: ASSOCIATED PRESS Nazis Nazi leaders school near Starnberg, Bavaria, March 3, 1934. (AP Photo)Photo by: ASSOCIATED PRESS Roosevelt Wedding This wedding group was photographed at the little country church at Oyster Bay, New York, after the wedding of Miss Grace Green Roosevelt, daughter of Col. Theodore Roosevelt Jr., left, to William McMillan of Baltimore, March 3, 1934. Left to right: Col. Roosevelt, Grace, William, and Eleanor Butler Alexander Roosevelt, wife of the Col. (AP Photo)Photo by: Anonymous/AP Charlie Chaplin, Ramsay MacDonald Photo by: AP Barbara Johnson Barbara Johnson of Chicago pushes one of ten buttons that puts one of the card cradles in place in one of the new motorized card-finding systems shown during the 13th Annual Chicago Business Show, March 3, 1952. The unit contains about 82,000 tabulation cards. Called "Simplafind", it is a product of the Simpla Research and Manufacturing Co., Inc., of New York. The company was one of 77 manufacturers of business machine equipment to display their products at the Conrad Hilton Hotel in Chicago. (AP Photo/Edward Kitch)Photo by: Edward Kitch/AP WWII England Underground Aircraft Production A section of a workshop in the underground ministry of aircraft production factory, somewhere in England. on March 3, 1942. Work goes on night and day. The lighting system is the nearest approach to daylight, an air-conditioning plant constantly changes the air, and heating is supplied by overhead warm-air valves. The progress and movement of each aircraft component in the workshops in controlled by progress and planning engineers, and the managing director from a central control from which is in constant touch by phone and radio loudspeakers with the workshops. These underground factories are deep below ground and considered immune from air attack, while nature provided the best possible camouflage for them. (AP Photo)Photo by: AP Security Post in Tel Aviv British Tommies man a security post behind barbed wire along the road from Jaffa to Tel Aviv, Palestine, March 3, 1947 as young people around the gun position awaiting developments. The soldiers and police check credentials of all persons entering or leaving Tel Aviv. (AP Photo)Photo by: AP South Africa Princess Elizabeth Princess Elizabeth, left, and Princess Margaret Rose enjoy a canter along the beach at East London, South Africa, on March 3, 1947. (AP Photo/Worth)Photo by: Eddie Worth/AP Portable TV Small portable television receiver with a 110-degree wide angle 9½-inch screen at a camping exhibition in Hamburg, Germany, March 3, 1960. The receiver is powered by an automobile battery. It costs 165 dollars and is made by Kaiser-Werke, Kenttingen/Breisgau of West Germany. (AP Photo/Peter Hillebrecht)Photo by: Peter Hillebrecht/ASSOCIATED PRESS Reagan Elizabeth President Ronald Reagan and Queen Elizabeth II raise their glasses in a toast during a state dinner, March 3, 1983, at the M. H. de Young Museum in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. (AP Photo/Ed Reinke)Photo by: ED REINKE/AP George W. Bush President Bush pauses as he tours tornado damage at Enterprise High School in Enterprise, Ala., Saturday, March 3, 2007. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)Photo by: CHARLES DHARAPAK/AP Rungis Fire A fireman aims water on a hot spot inside the suburban Rungis food market, the French capital’s main market, after a fire broke out in one of the storehouses , March 3, 1985 in Paris. Although damage was extensive, there were no victims. (AP Photo/Pierre Gleizes)Photo by: Pierre Gleizes/ASSOCIATED PRESS WWII USO Miss Marion Moore, screen writer and co-chairman of the Stage Door Canteen kitchen committee, shows Lubetkin where to place the finishing touches of butter cream decorations on the Canteen’s birthday cake in New York, March 3, 1945. The third birthday of the Canteen was celebrated. (AP Photo/Charles Lucas)Photo by: Charles Lucas/AP Patricia Krenwinkel Manson Family 1970 Patricia Krenwinkel, center, under indictment in connection with the murders of actress Sharon Tate and six others, pauses at an elevator in the Los Angeles Hall of Justice after making her first appearance in court since her return from Mobile, Ala., where she was arrested, Feb. 24, 1970, Los Angeles, Calif. Miss Krenwinkel was to have been arraigned, but when she said she wanted to be her own attorney the judge postponed the arraignment and plea until March 3 when he said he would rule on her request. (AP Photo/Wally Fong)Photo by: Wally Fong/ASSOCIATED PRESS WW II France Mother has her hands full trying to fix meals and take care of all these children at the same time. The family is living, with other civilians, in a fortress in Neuf Breisach, Rhine town in Alsace on March 3, 1945, until homes can be found for them. They were left homeless when almost all the buildings were destroyed before the Germans were driven out of the town. Luftwaffe bombing raids destroyed the few that were left standing. (AP Photo)Photo by: ASSOCIATED PRESS Watchf Associated Press International News   France APHS54645 TURKISH AIRLINES Firemen and rescuers stand near smoking debris of the Turkish Airline DC 10 Jumbo jet on March 3, 1974, which crashed into Ermenonville forest, north of Paris where all of the 345 persons aboard were killed in the worst disaster in civil aviation history. (AP Photo)Photo by: Anonymous/AP The A-Team Mr. T., right, welcomes William "Refrigerator" Perry of the Chicago Bears to the set of "The A-Team," on March 3, 1986 in Los Angeles. Perry will make a guest appearance on an upcoming episode. (AP Photo/Doug Pizac)Photo by: Doug Pizac/AP Al Sharpton 1988 Lawyer C. Vernon Mason, left, gestures during a press conference during a bitter attack on Governor Mario Cuomo and the state's handling of the Tawana Brawley case, Thursday, March 3, 1988, Queens, New York. Joining Mason, who is one of Brawley's lawyers are, from left, the Rev. Al Sharpton, Glenda Brawley, mother and Ralph King stepfather of Miss Brawley and two year old Trice whose relationship to Miss Brawley was not stated. (AP Photo/John Pedin)Photo by: John Pedin/ASSOCIATED PRESS Muhammad Ali 1971 Dr. Harry Kleinman, right, examines Muhammad Ali during physical exam, March 3, 1971 at New York's Felt Forum. Ali is scheduled to meet Joe Frazier for the world heavyweight title in New York City on March 8. Interested spectator at left is Angelo Dundee, Ali's trainer. (AP Photo)Photo by: Anonymous/AP Oliver Wendell Holmes, Associate Justice of the U.S. Oliver Wendell Holmes Senior Member of the Supreme Court will celebrate his 90th birthday March 8. He is shown here leaving the Capitol at Washington March 3, 1931. (AP Photo)Photo by: Anonymous/ASSOCIATED PRESS Dwight D. Eisenhower, Benito Nardone President Eisenhower sits in helicopter with Uruguayan President Benito Nardone, left, and Gen. Magnani as he leaves U.S. embassy for airport in Montevideo, March 3, 1960. Magnani was assigned by Uruguay as Ike?s military attaché during his visit. (AP Photo)Photo by: AP Hialeah Park Horse Racing * *FILE ** Bettors and spectators watch horses leave the paddock at Hialeah Park in Miami on the final day of the racing season in this March 3, 1941 file photo. The historic park, once visited by Winston Churchill and the host of Citation and Seabiscuit, has been edged out by rival tracks and become a relic of horse racing. South Florida officials are in the early stages to convert the track's 220 acres for residential and commercial use. (AP Photo/Ham Wright)Photo by: Ham Wright/AP SENATORS MANAGER BUCKY HARRIS Bucky Harris, manager of the Washington Senators, crashes through the hoop to lead his squad of rookies and veterans onto Tinker Field to start the winter training season here, March 3, 1936. The Senators, with a greatly improved pitching staff, already are talking about "being in the race for the flag" this season.(AP Photo)Photo by: ASSOCIATED PRESS Ronald Reagan President Ronald Reagan addresses a Conservative Political Action conference, March 3, 1984 in Washington. Reagan said, "Fellow citizens, fellow conservatives, our time has come again," after renewing his pledge of support for proposed Constitutional amendments on abortion and permitting prayer in public schools. (AP Photo/Scott Stewart)Photo by: Scott Stewart/AP U.S. SATURN APOLLO 9 LIFTOFF The towering Saturn 5 rocket carrying the Apollo 9 spacecraft and the lunar module into an earth orbit, roars skyward from the launch pad at Cape Kennedy, Fla., March 3, 1969. A few hours later, astronauts James McDivitt, David Scott and Russell Schweickart reported they had docked with the lunar module in the first phase of the ten-day test. (AP Photo)Photo by: ASSOCIATED PRESS Duke Snider, Beverly Snider Outfielder Duke Snider rubs sun tan oil on the arm of his wife, Beverly, at the new swimming pool in Vero Beach, Florida, March 3, 1949. (AP Photo)Photo by: AP Golden Gateway Redevelopment This is a general view of foundation construction for buildings of the Golden Gateway re-development project in downtown San Francisco at the site of the old produce market which once covered several blocks, shown March 3, 1963. In the background is the Embarcadero Freeway and at upper right, the Bay Bridge. Most of the remaining buildings are due for demolition to make way for high-rise apartments and park areas. (AP Photo/Ernest K. Bennett)Photo by: Ernest K. Bennett/AP International Roller Derby League Game 1972 Sandy Dunn (46), left, of the Chiefs, breaks around the Pioneers? ?jam,? formed by Pioneers Carol ?Peanuts? Meyer (50), Valerie Blackard (54), and Darlene Forbes (58), during International Roller Derby League game at New York?s Madison Square Garden on Sunday, March 3, 1972. Points are scored by a participant?s passing as many of the other team?s members as she can in 60 seconds. The ?jam? of participants with locked arms complicates scoring attempts. (AP Photo/Ray Stubblebine )Photo by: Ray Stubblebine/ASSOCIATED PRESS Bosnia Civil War UN Troops A French U.N. soldier in Sarajevo looks towards Serb lines, Thursday, March 3, 1994 after U.N. troops fired warning shots at Bosnian Serbs who fired at Government positions in violation of the three week cease-fire. (AP Photo/Enric F. Marti)Photo by: Enric F. Marti/ASSOCIATED PRESS