Nextdoor social network launches "Treat Map" for efficient trick-or-treating

Posted at 8:29 AM, Oct 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-27 08:29:20-04

Let's face it: the goal of parents on Halloween night is to make sure their kid hits every house in the neighborhood that's giving out candy.

So, strategy is key.

That's where Nextdoor comes into play. Nextdoor is a private social media network for your neighborhood.

When users sign up, they have to verify their address before gaining access to the online community. The site and app can be helpful for things like finding a good babysitter or organizing a gathering -- and it can also be a great tool for events like trick-or-treating.

Nextdoor has re-launched its annual "Treat Map." The map shows the houses that will be giving out candy in your neighborhood.

Neighbors confirm whether they are participating and a candy corn icon goes up on the map. If they are setting up a haunted house experience, they can mark that, too.

A spokesperson says more than 1,700 neighborhoods across metro Detroit currently use the network -- and that thousands in our area have used the map to indicate their participation this Halloween.

With "Treat Map," you can see the addresses in your immediate neighborhood. You can also see treat icons in neighboring communities -- just not specific addresses due to privacy restrictions.

Downloading the app and joining Nextdoor is free. You can read more about it here.

Happy trick-or-treating!