Northville bus driver dresses as Santa, surprises students with gifts for the holidays

Posted at 10:44 AM, Dec 20, 2021

(WXYZ) — Some people bring joy wherever they go, and Mr. Ed is no exception.

"I love my kids and I know what makes them happy," said Ed Caufield.

A bus driver of 8 years for Northville Public Schools, Mr. Ed has been a friendly face, a source of wonder for kids in the community.

"I've had the same run for seven years, the same location, the same kids, and I've seen them grow from elementary as little kids to young adults at high school. And it's great," he said.

Mr. Ed has made the holidays even brighter, too, year after year. Right before Christmas break, he gives gifts to the kids, his kids as he calls them, after driving them to school.

"It's a crazy response from the kids. They're jumping up and down. It's like Christmas morning, and I do this on my own,"said Ed.

With kindness in his heart and a magical demeanor, Mr. Ed is a happy sight in a world that can feel heavy at times.

"If I can put a smile on a little kid's face, that's great. That's what I appreciate, and it's very gratifying," he said.

His wish, he says, is that one day, years from now, someone will think of him, and remember the love he shared.

"I want my kids, as they have kids themselves down the road, to remember and say, 'man, I had a great bus driver,'" he said.

Mr. Ed says he also holds drawing contests throughout the year for his kids, giving the winners art supplies to inspire their creativity. He says he will continue his traditions as long as he's able, spreading cheer throughout the year.