Number of exorcisms are on the rise in Metro Detroit

Posted at 11:33 PM, Nov 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-15 23:47:41-05

Whether you believe it or not, the number of people calling for exorcisms and the number of people being exorcised is growing - even here in our own backyard.

Experts say some of what you see on TV is Hollywood magic - but most of it is not!

According to religious leaders and other experts, demon possessions are actually a very real thing and exorcisms have been performed for centuries.

"Exorcisms have happened ever since the New Testament. Jesus performed exorcisms,” said Monsignor Daniel Trapp. “Actually exorcisms have happened before the time of  Jesus as well. They happen in many different cultures.”

These days, there are more and more calls being taken by the church in Metro Detroit to take action, according to Monsignor Trapp.

“Evil spirits hate us,” said Monsignor Trapp. “So they tried to make our lives miserable. At the lowest level they tempt us. Sometimes they will tempt us and say 'oh go and do it, everyone else is doing it, it’s not a big thing.' But if they fall for it, they will turn it and say you know you are damaged goods, how could you ever repent.”

He told 7 Action News there are good spirits here on earth as well, but when human beings don’t get one of two simple things sometimes they turn to evil spirits.

“When we don’t find love and power, sometimes we open ourselves up to other forces - sometimes deliberately asking for evil to sometimes take care of their enemies or force someone to love them,” said Monsignor Trapp.

Joe Stewart and his partner Matt Brown, actually perform exorcisms. He says demons can be invited into a person’s home or body by something as simple as playing with Ouija boards,  tarot cards, or magic.

“People don’t take it seriously, you know, and at the moment nothing will happen. About 2, 3 weeks later, things start to happen,” said Stewart.  “Infestations like overabundance of mice in the house, or flies, or moths, things of that nature. Then things will start moving, disappearing - a phenomenon of that nature will start up as it progresses along.”

Joe showed 7 Action News video of an exorcism his team performed recently in Pontiac, involving an incubus demon.

According to the team, the evil spirit rapes his victims. During this oppression, the victim feels subdued and relaxed.

Stewart explains the state of the victim in Pontiac.

“Like she was intoxicated,” said Stewart. “She was giddy and you could tell she was feeling really good. She was kind of swaying back in forth. She was almost unresponsive in certain ways."

Packing up holy water, sage, and Christian symbols, the team gets ready to break the bond between a new victim and demon. They add it’s dangerous work that should only handled by experts.

The evil spirits do whatever they can to stop the pair from the exorcisms. They have had a St. Michael medallion scorched as well as a cross.

Joe recalled his partner getting attacked.

“He just walked right through the door and got decked. He got hit right in the eye and knocked him right to the floor. Right from the get-go,’ said Stewart. “We will manifest scratches. We will have bite-marks in our backs.  They usually attack from behind.”

According to Stewart, demons tend feed off of fear or depression.

Experts told 7 Action News reminding victims of their faith, which ever it might be, helps break the destructive bond.

“For Christians it’s a invoking of the love of Jesus in the name of Jesus in a place where there is evil and the evil leaves,” said Monsignor Trapp

If you think you know someone who is possessed, you must first meet with a psychologist to rule out mental health as a factor. 

Some things to look for: abnormal strength, speaking random new languages fluently, and when you are around a crucifix or church and a person stars swearing.

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