Oakland County Health Division offiers to help you stop smoking

Posted at 9:19 AM, Nov 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-15 09:25:28-05

The Oakland County Health Division is partnering with the American Cancer Society to participate in the Great American Smokeout Thursday. 

The goal of the Smokeout is to encourage smokers to quit today or take steps to develop a plan to quit smoking. 

According to the American Cancer Society, within minutes of quitting smoking, the body starts to recover -- heart rate and blood pressure lowers and within 12 hours carbon monoxide levels in the blood return to normal.

“The Great American Smokeout is an opportunity to remind tobacco users that they can succeed, and to support people in their efforts to quit,” stated Leigh-Anne Stafford, health officer for the Oakland County Health Division.  “This year, we remind tobacco users that you don’t have to quit in one day. Most users make several attempts before they are successful but there are resources to help.”   

If you are interested in getting help to quit smoking, the Michigan Tobacco Quitline provides free coaching to Michigan residents including: 

  • Uninsured residents
  • Pregnant women
  • Medicaid/Medicare recipients
  • Veterans
  • Cancer patients
  • American Indians

Visit the Michigan Tobacco Quitline website for more information.