Oakland County Road Commission prepares for winter storm and flooding

Posted at 5:36 AM, Jan 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-10 18:22:52-05

OAKLAND COUNTY, Mich. (WXYZ) — Metro Detroit is getting ready today for any flooding issues within the county and preparing for any problems with ice after all that water freezes over.

The worst of it is expected tonight and tomorrow – 2 to 4 inches of rain.

The state, local counties and homeowners know the more prep they do today, the less potential problem flooding will be tomorrow.

Sandbags aren't just for those who live on the lake.

"Everytime I hear rain or something, I don't want to move them, I came back here and looking at the ice this and that I'm picturing all that in my house," said homeowner Marty Kropodra.

Those who live on Hanover Street in Dearborn Heights know when the ground is frozen, rain won't be absorbed, it will run off and contribute to potential flooding – hopefully not in their basement.

"We do have some sandbags in the garage, if it gets real bad we'll put them out," said homeowner Michael Shank.

MDOT and the Oakland County Road Commission is prepared for possible flooding on major roads, interstates and highways.

"We are watching the forecast, and we’re really trying to find clogged drainage situations that may exist," said Craig Bryson with the Oakland County Road Commission.

Flooding isn't the only concern.

"Then of course if it turns into freezing rain and ice that will complicate the matters further," Bryson said.

Diane Cross with MDOT tells 7 Action News a weekend closure of I-94 has been canceled because of the forecast. They are focusing on preventative maintenance, she said in this statement:

“We clean out the freeway catch basins, which are the drains of the road, to ensure they’re clear of debris. Also, part our maintenance is our freeway pump houses. During bad weather, we monitor our pump houses to ensure that they have power to get water off low-lying freeways.

Northern Oakland County and I-69 as well as the Port Huron area are expecting the worst of it.

As always, if a road is flooded, turn around.

Homeowners now is the time to test those sump pumps and make sure all the down spouts from your gutters are running away from the house.