WATCH: Obama, Biden urge Michiganders to vote during drive-in events in Detroit, Flint

Joe Biden
Posted at 10:29 AM, Oct 30, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-30 10:29:25-04

(WXYZ) — Calling Joe Biden his “brother,” Barack Obama on Saturday accused Donald Trump of failing to take the coronavirus pandemic and the presidency seriously as Democrats leaned on America’s first Black president to energize Black voters in battleground Michigan on the final weekend of the 2020 campaign.

Obama, the 44th president, and Biden, his vice president who wants to be the 46th, held drive-in rallies in Flint and Detroit, predominantly Black cities where strong turnout will be essential to swing the longtime Democratic state to Biden’s column after Trump won it in 2016.

The memories of Trump’s win in Michigan and the rest of the Upper Midwest are still searing in the minds of many Democrats during this closing stretch before Tuesday’s election. That leaves Biden in the position of holding a consistent lead in the national polls and an advantage in most battlegrounds, including Michigan, yet still facing anxiety it could all slip away.

As of Saturday morning, nearly 90 million voters had already cast ballots nationwide, according to a tally by The Associated Press. Tens of millions more will vote by the time polls close on Tuesday night.

Obama said he initially hoped “for the country’s sake” that Trump “might take the job seriously. He never has.”

Stevie Wonder also performed, opening the Detroit campaign rally.

It comes just one day after President Trump rallied with his supporters in Oakland County. The president is also planning another trip to Michigan ahead of the election.

Watch the Flint drive-in event below: