One fan attends 50th straight Lions Thanksgiving game

Posted at 9:35 AM, Nov 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-22 17:47:56-05

We all have our Thanksgiving traditions, but for one man, it's the Lions game.

We're not talking about watching it at home – today marks 50 straight years of watching the game in person for Howard Heyman.

The memories pile up for Heyman, but he looks back fondly on the first game from 50 years ago, when the Lions played the Minnesota Vikings.

"What I remember is leaving Lions had been solidly beat and I was so happy," he said. "My dad and I went to the game, we took a shot...I had a good time, it was a great memory – so much that it sparked this tradition."

A tradition of 50 straight games. Heyman's dad attended roughly 40 before passing away in 2013. 

And while what's on the field matters, chances are Heyman will think of his dad on Thanksgiving. After all, this story started 50 years ago not just because of football, but out of love and devotion to an excited 13-year-old.

"Until I was older, I didn't realize how out of his element he was to go downtown on a snowy day to buy tickets. He did it to please me."