‘One Pill Can Kill.’ DEA warning about fake prescription pills laced with fentanyl and methamphetamine

Posted at 8:13 PM, Sep 27, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-27 20:13:44-04

(WXYZ) — ‘One Pill Can Kill’ that’s the message the Drug Enforcement Administration is putting out for the public across metro Detroit.

The warning comes after the agency has seen a sharp increase in distribution across the country of fake prescription pills laced with fentanyl and methamphetamine.

According to the CDC, in 2020 over 93,000 Americans died due to drug overdose.

Last year Rebecca Kiessling lost her two sons, 18-year-old Kyler, and 20-year-old Caleb, to a drug overdose.

A resident of Rochester Hills says both her boys were the victim of fake Percocet, which turned out to be 100% fentanyl.

“Kyler had 4 times the amount necessary to kill him,” says Kiessling.

Meanwhile, a DEA statement issued today highlights that more than 9.5 million counterfeit pills were seized so far this year, which is more than the last two years combined.

Former DEA agent, Calvin Higgins says these counterfeit pills are easy to purchase and widely available. In fact, these days drug dealers have a huge online presence to prey on the young.

That’s why experts recommend everyone these days to carry Naloxone a.k.a Narcan. It’s available at every pharmacy and most nonprofit organizations across metro Detroit distribute Narcan for free. For some, the nasal spray can be the difference between life and death.