Only On 7: 15-year-old bullying victim speaks out over alleged abuse at high school

Posted at 4:37 PM, May 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-01 17:19:49-04

She's a teenage victim of alleged bullying at the hands of fellow students, and says its left her scarred both physically and emotionally.

"They told me to kill myself. Called me fat. Told me I’m too white," said 15-year-old Destinee Griffen, a freshman at Ecorse Community High School.

Griffen says for months, she's been targeted with vile and ugly abuse, often involving older students. An instagram video taken moments before a physical confrontation, shows one alleged bully turning violent. Griffen says she's complained repeatedly but nothing has changed. 

“They don’t do anything but suspend people," she said. "It’s basically a vacation. I don’t want to go to school. I’m afraid. I wake up every morning and tell myself it’s going to be ok." 

Her mother, Jennifer Griffen, tells 7 Action News the school has also dismissed the issues.

"I have went to the principal several times starting at the beginning of the year," the mother said. "They keep coming at her. He tells me it’s his school. He disciplines how he sees fit."

We called the district to request an interview with the superintendent but he refused. Instead, only telling us by phone that two students were suspended and a zero tolerance policy on bullying remains in effect.

"This is a relative, a cousin of the step sister of the principal," said family attorney Nabih Ayad. "What kind of principal allows an older child from a different school to come in and beat up one of his students? It’s outrageous."

He says Destinee now dreads coming to school and lives in fear.

“She went 20-30 times to her social worker asking for help, as continuous abuse, harassment and intimidation continues and they still did nothing." Ayad said.

Jennifer said the family is pursuing legal action and wants to make sure this type of bullying never happens to someone else.