Open carry activists who walked into Dearborn PD armed to be sentenced

Posted at 8:11 AM, Aug 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-20 11:03:54-04

UPDATE: Both men have been sentenced and will spend time behind bars. James Baker was sentenced to nine months in jail for carrying a concealed weapon, while Brandon Vreeland was sentenced to at least nine months in prison for an identical charge and other crimes.


Two open carry activists who walked into the Dearborn Police Department armed with guns, body armor and video cameras in February will be sentenced on Friday.

Watch the sentencing live here

Brandon Vreeland, 40, and James Baker, 24, were charged with carrying a concealed weapon, resisting arrest and disburbing the peace. Baker was also charged with brandishing a weapon.

Vreeland was convicted on all three charges while Baker was convicted with carrying a concealed weapon.

Surveillance video captured the men walking into the building last month, while police are seen and heard telling them to put down their weapons.

"Dude, put that on the ground. Put it on the ground... Or you are dead," an officer, with guns drawn is heard screaming.

It’s one of two incidents involving open carry activists in February that caught the department’s attention and has them currently working with state legislators to review Michigan’s open carry laws.