Tips for opening day of Michigan's firearm deer season, which begins Tuesday

Posted at 11:20 AM, Nov 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-14 17:20:30-05

Opening day for Michigan's firearm deer season is Tuesday, Nov. 15, and the Michigan Department of Natural Resources has issued some helpful reminders in advance of deer season.

The DNR is reminding hunters to wear orange, and according to the DNR, you have to wear a cap, hat, vest, jacket or rain gear of hunter orange.

Keith Weir of Bass Pro Shop joked,"If it was a Michigan holiday nobody would work."

Weir said new clothing technology called Scentinel can hide hid odor.

"That's new for this year," he said. "Absorbs the human odors. Keeps it from spilling out of your clothing and spooking game."

Clayton Leo Hinsberger Jr. has been hunting for 45 years.

He said, "The meat on the deer is delicious and if you cook it right, you can't beat it. And it's free."

Clayton and his wife are shopping for the "must-haves" before heading into the woods.

"Something to stay warm outside," he said.  "I'm looking for a new gun, getting new ammunition and whatever I need to go with it."

A camouflage cell phone accessory is also new this year.

"With cell phones, everybody wants to mess around with cell phones so this is called a tech pack, where you can keep your hands warm and mess around with your cell phone at the same time," Weir explained.

"Pretty much browsing, see what's on the clearance rack," said Michael Andrus, who is hunting for bargains to save a few bucks.... before hunting a few "bucks."

"I just love being outdoors," Andrus added.  "Im a religious guy. It's kind of like you are in God's country and in touch with nature. You get to enjoy it."

Hours for firearm deer hunting depend on the different zones, but begin and end one-half hour before sunrise and one-half hour before sunset. Check the 2016 Michigan Hunting and Trapping digest pamphlet for more information, or look at the graphic below.

The DNR also reminds hunters to bring their deer to a DNR check station. You can find all of the locations here. They say bovine tuberculosis is still a major concern in the northeastern Lower Peninsula, so they are asking everyone to bring their deer to a check station if you hunt in DMU 487.

Also, there is mandatory deer registration in 17 southern lower peninsula townships because of chronic wasting disease. Check the 2016 CWD management zone here.

If you are still looking for places to hunt on public land, check out Mi-HUNT, an interactive map that can help you plan your next trip.

The season runs Nov. 15-30. For more information on firearm deer season, visit