Community Comment: Michigan roads, robotics, Brightest & Best

Posted at 2:44 PM, Jun 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-03 14:44:20-04

Our editorial encouraging Michigan leaders to come up with a long-term, bi-partisan road plan is still generating viewer mail.

Janeen Rogowski of Sterling Heights made this suggestion:

“I think once all is said and done with the completion of any road re-surfacing, a sign should be erected near that project noting the companies involved and the date it was completed. We, the taxpayers, paying for the roads (with all these various increases) are due accountability.”

Doug Hengehold, a longtime construction worker made this observation and suggestion:

“Most of the new roads I see fail is because after they saw cut the road into sections, they fill it very poorly with tar that dries and shrinks and forms a pool for water to set in. The when it freezes the joints crack. Silicone caulk is better than tar.”

Our Channel 7 Editorial about the FIRST Robotics championship coming to Detroit for the first time prompted this tweet from Jen DeJohn:

“Please post the robotics editorial!!! Awesome!”

It’s on our website for all to see Ms. DeJohn.

Our editorial saluting the Brightest & Best Class of 2018 and all high school grads triggered viewer reaction.

Beth Carlson wrote:

“Thank you for shining attention on these talented students who are doing positive things in our community. They deserve recognition!”

And finally, this comment from Diane Hayes:

“Wow! What an impressive display of our future generation of leaders. Hugs and kisses to these young scholars and their families. Outstanding achievements and role models!”

Thanks for writing!

I’m Chuck Stokes