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Dozens of juveniles charged in metro Detroit after copycat school threats

Posted at 11:23 PM, Dec 07, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-07 23:23:15-05

ANN ARBOR, Mich. (WXYZ) — Exactly one week ago Tuesday, the Oxford community changed forever.

The Nov. 30 shooting at Oxford High School is one the region is mourning.

“This is a regional tragedy,” Rochester resident Kathleen Vanpoppelen said.

It's one that the community is slowly trying to heal from, but the constant copycat threats are disrupting schools and the lives of many.

“People are making threats. They are saying ‘I’m going to bomb the school. I’m going to kill people,” Washtenaw County Prosecutor Eli Savit said.

Savit says if you make these threats he will pursue charges.

“We been working with law enforcement on search warrants,” he said.

Savit says law enforcement is looking into several threats that are taking place in Washtenaw County.

Many counties in the region are also investigating several threats and also making arrests.

Since last Tuesday’s deadly shooting Wayne County has charged at least 12 students involved in alleged threats of violence against a school and one possession of a weapon in school.

Two other students have pending charges.

In Oakland County, they are working on seven similar cases.

Over in Macomb County, at least five students are facing charges.

And in Washtenaw County, Savit has already charged two students who are both in middle school.

“Even if you believe you make it through an anonymous social media account, law enforcement has ways to track you down and find you and when that happens, you’re going to get charged,” Savit said.

Law enforcement continues to work around the clock to find and stop the people behind these threats.

On Tuesday, the Harper Woods Police Department told 7 Action News they arrested two students for making threats.

Waterford police currently have an eighth grader from Mason Middle School in custody after he posted a firearm on social media with the caption, "Bro mason your next I’m coming for you on Tuesday."

“Any student out there in Washtenaw or in any place is listening to this, considering doing something like this, don't do it. It can really disrupt your life,” Savit said.

He hopes the recent arrests and charges taking place across metro Detroit sends a message to students.

“I can’t predict the future, but it is my hope that as people see how seriously these are being taken that the threats stop,” Savit said.