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'What more can this generation take.' Students, parents reeling after Plymouth-Canton threat

Posted at 5:24 PM, Dec 10, 2021

CANTON, Mich. (WXYZ) — The investigation continues into a threat that sent all three of Plymouth-Canton high schools into lockdown yesterday.

Police spent five hours searching each and every building. Students weren't allowed to leave the building until after 7 pm last night. Classes were canceled today and district officials say all three high schools, Plymouth, Canton, and Salem will go virtual until after winter break.

"The first hour, I will never forget, it was terrifying," said Ashlyn Watson, a student at Plymouth High school.

Although that terror eventually subsided, Watson says she and her classmates were on lockdown for five hours. She's a student at Plymouth High School but was in the Canton building for a theater class when her teacher said someone may have a gun on campus.

"If there was an active shooter, we would have all been dead. We had nothing to keep us safe and I know that's not the school's fault," she said with frustration in her voice.

Watson says there was no place to hide and no one knew what to do because they weren't inside a classroom.

"I think after these things happen you feel a lot of anger and I don't even know who to direct that at," said Brooke Watson, Ashlyn's mom. "The police did a great job the other day and so did the teachers, I am not angry at that, I am angry that we don't have a solution."

Watson was texting her mom Brooke during the whole ordeal.

Brooke says students who attend Plymouth, Salem, and Canton High schools often jump from building to building for classes. That's why she says metal detectors aren't a realistic solution.

"It's not even the scenario where you can keep every student safe," said Brooke Watson.

Anthony Peat-Simmons says his son was on a school bus during the lockdown, but he says thankfully police were close by trying to keep people calm.

"It was terrifying, it was absolutely terrifying, and we had no information," said Peat-Simmons. "When we got out here, there was all kind of police and helicopters."

After searching every inch of the 305-acre campus no weapons were found and no suspects were identified.

Brooke Watson says that doesn't mean students are okay especially after two weeks of copycat threats.

"What more can this generation take ---I don't know what's going to happen, but their mental health has to come first---whatever we do," said Brooke Watson.

Ashlynn added, "The energy is not what it was before Oxford."

The investigation is ongoing. Students will return back to in-person classes on Jan 4th.