Packaging tech: Companies aim to reinvent process as web orders grow

Posted: 8:32 AM, May 03, 2017
Updated: 2017-05-03 19:19:50Z

With the continued growth of online ordering, focus is now shifting toward how we get our goods.

UPS and the company behind Bubble Wrap, the Sealed Air Corporation, announced the opening of the Packaging Innovation Center. 

The Kentucky-based 6,000 square ft. center is geared toward improving the way our goods get to us — and reducing the amount of waste.

UPS says on its website that technology within the center includes systems that figure out how to package items without the need for outer cartons, or how to reduce the amount of empty box space.

We all know about that.

There’s even a system that the company says can simulate a package moving through the entire supply chain process: temp changes, vibrations — you name it — just to make sure the product will arrive safely.

But what does this mean for the customer? In the end, more efficient packaging and shipping methods could mean savings all the way around.

Check out more about the center here.