Parents worried Southfield school isn't doing enough to stop student violence

Posted at 11:28 PM, Feb 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-15 23:28:29-05

Parents say they're outraged over viral videos captured on students' cell phones, showing repeated acts of violence at a Southfield high school.

Videos of violence have been shared for months on Snapchat and Youtube, the most recent posted only a week ago.

Parents worry leaders at the Southfield Arts and Technology High School don't seem to be taking the issue seriously.

Partice Taylor, a parent and former head of the PTA, says she is appalled by the alarming trend.

Her son is an 11th grader at the school, and she says she's been worried about his safety. 

"I constantly text him. I ask him, 'What's going on? How's your day? Has anything happened?'"

Las year, each school had its own police liaison officer. Now, school district and police staffing changes have just one officer acting as a liaison to three high schools.

Taylor fears that the next brawl could leave a child with more than a few bruises.

"We have some serious issues going on in our school district," she said. "That means we need to hold the powers that be accountable."

Acting Superintendent Derrick Lopez declined an interview to discuss the issues. 

A spokesperson released the following statement:

"SPS continues to work with the City of Southfield Police Department to keep our schools safe...Currently, school administration is working with parents and teachers to engage our student leadership for a school-wide facilitated discussion to understand the cause of the issue, address it and work on additional solutions for improving Southfield A&T's climate..."

Several students are facing charges for allegedly engaging in those fights. The district would not disclose what kind of injuries were suffered.