Passenger on Delta flight from Detroit to L.A. removed for allegedly not wearing a mask

Posted at 4:19 AM, Sep 14, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-14 04:19:05-04

It was caught on video, a Delta Airlines passenger being forced to leave a flight after allegedly refusing to wear a mask prior to takeoff. That flight was actually delayed when the pilot had to turn around and head back to a gate for the passenger to be removed.

Among those on the plane to witness what happened was Dr. Pamela Wiley, who was flying home to L.A. from Detroit on Saturday night.

“In a confined area like that, it was just very disconcerting. I’d seen staff go to the back of the plane, where someone wasn’t agreeing to put a mask on. They came back and forth just negotiating with her to try and get her to wear a mask.” she said.

She adds, “I specifically selected Delta because of their 50% capacity and other steps being taken. So, I was very, very concerned for the safety of all of us.”

In the end, a 45-minute delay was the only setback for the rest of those on the plane. They did arrive safely in L.A. several hours later, minus one passenger.

“I was very disturbed and disgusted by the whole thing. Her decision of non-compliance affects all of us.” Wiley said.

Delta continues to keep safety a top priority for passengers. No word, on whether or not that passenger was ticketed or not.