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Detroit 2020 Person of the Week helps make holiday special for local veterans

Posted at 10:22 PM, Dec 29, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-29 22:22:13-05

Col. Thomas Doman spent 29 years in the US Marine Corps. Service is a part of who he is. Several members of his family also have a military background, including his almost 92-year-old father who served in WW II.

"At the end of the day, all veterans are volunteers. They raised their hands and said i'm gonna defend you while you sleep," he says.

Col. Doman is one of 10 children. He says they used to give gifts to each other around the holidays, but then decided to share their blessings with others. They started to pay it forward. Every year, they'd take turns and each Doman child would choose a charity for them all to support. It's something they've been doing for 25 years.

2017 is Col. Doman's year and he chose Piquette Square. It's an apartment project in Detroit that houses and cares for homeless veterans. Col. Doman first heard about this special place through
His work at gm and volunteering with their veterans affinity group.
With his family by his side, he recently helped provide these veterans with a holiday luncheon and a big screen TV.

It was a gesture that left the residents of Piquette Square full of gratitude.

"It's a wonderful thing they're doing this time of year," said US Air Force veteran Derrick Smith.

Michel Long, a US Army veteran said, "We're very appreciative of the colonel's work and all the effort he put out to all of our veterans."

After learning he was named our D2020 Person of the Week, Col. Doman was quick to give credit to his family.

"I always look at the people who came before me that taught me.
I'm the second youngest, so I had 8 people ahead of me .. and my mom and dad ..
who taught me how to be and how to give."

That giving spirit has already passed on to the next generation of his family. They're giving new Piquette Square veterans welcome kits with all the necessities.

Col. Doman says his faith and family have been the foundation for all that he does. "When you're blessed like we've been blessed .. we can't do enough to help others."

If you'd like to learn more about Piquette Square and helping its residents, go to