Person of the Week: Danielle Hughes is mentoring as part of Detroit Speaks

Posted at 10:11 AM, May 05, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-05 23:15:25-04

Danielle Hughes… or Danni as she's affectionately known is the co-founder of Detroit Speaks; an organization that began three years ago when she had a revelation while living in Atlanta.

"I got more joy out of mentoring kids on the weekend than I did Monday through Friday at my job. I started a vision board workshop at a local library in Georgia and couldn't wait to get up on Saturday morning to help them jot down their visions and goals, help them with their financial literacy their financial goals, saving money.

Before long, she met up with a like-minded high school friend; also from The D.

"We were both involved in so many mentoring organizations in Atlanta and  we were like, we're pouring so much into these kids and not doing anything for the youth in the city that made us, that literally raised us. So we're like, we need to change that. We're going to have a one day conference.

That one day conference turned into Detroit Speaks; an organization that helps young people find their passion.

Detroit Renaissance Senior Jazmine Pickens says, “Detroit Speaks really has helped me open up and making it easier to open up and make relationships with people and just be more open to socializing. Dani has been the best role model in that sense.” Jazmine is going to Howard University.

Detroit Renaissance senior Ravin Hardaway says, “When it comes to Dani and Detroit Speaks it's a really good program because you can see for yourself that you do have a future.” She’s going to Michigan State University!

Danni admits she dreams of seeing Detroit Speaks opening offices in other cities across the country… but for now… She's focused on helping as many young people as she can in Detroit and that's why she is our Detroit 20/20 Person of the Week.

“I feel like this is what I’ve been put here to do. As you rise you need to pull others with you.”