PHOTOS: Profess your love this Valentine's Day!

Posted at 9:13 AM, Feb 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-14 09:13:19-05

We're looking for the best love stories in town as we gear up for Valentine's Day!

Think your "fairytale come true" is an incredible story? Then we want you to share it with us.

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Channel 7 anchor Alicia Smith:

We met at a dance at Detroit's Masonic Temple in November of 2012...and this week we celebrate our 4th month of marriage! I love my Baby!

Love Story from PH:

"April, my beautiful wife of almost 18 years, is currently going through treatments for Breast cancer. She never stopped being lovely, not when her hair was gone, not when surgery removed parts of her body. She has always remained the most special person in my life. All while dealing with her illness, she has raised 4 lovely children and maintained a busy household. She deserves the wife of the year award in my book and I hope I can show her how much I’m in love with her this valentines day."

65th Wedding Anniversary Wishes from Viewer:

Happy 65th wedding anniversary. Warren & Dorothy Krueger, MI are celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary. Congratulations grandma and grandpa. We love you so much.


"Our Love" from David Campbell:

To the skeptics of "Love At First Sight", I can attest that I did fall in love at first sight when I saw Carol. We were at Big Town drive-in restaurant on Woodward Avenue and her car had a slightly low tire. I went over to her and told her about it. She stepped out of the car to see... and at that moment... I fell in love. I knew she was the one. No question. I then spent the next several weeks trying to find out who she was, even going so far as to take out one of her girlfriends just so I could find out more about her. Needless to say, that date didn't go well, but I did get the information I needed. I called her up and asked her out. For some reason, she said yes. That was on Wednesday, April 2nd. We went out and had a great time. We didn't see each other the next night, but then we dated every day after that. On May 5th, I asked her to marry me. She said yes. Then we needed 5 more days to figure out how I could ask his permission to marry her. Carol was only 19 and we had dated only 5 weeks. We married on October 11th that same year. Just 6 months from our first date. This past October, we celebrated our 45th Wedding Anniversary. We still hold hands every time we walk somewhere. We say I Love You every morning, every evening, every time we end a phone call with each other and every time one of us leaves the house. Every time. We've had many challenges: Auto accidents (one on our wedding day going from the church to the reception), we had some health challenges, lost everything when our home burnt to the ground, But - the biggest loss was losing our 16-year-old son in a car accident. Our love has survived all that and more. And grows stronger every day. Photos from 1969 on our wedding day and 2014. As the years go by, she still looks good. Me, not so much.  ?

From Denise:

We were both at a low point in our lives when we turned to online dating. His brown eyes and sweet smile attracted me to him instantly, so we started messaging back and forth. I thought I'll give this a couple weeks of talking before we meet. But after a few days of messaging I knew I had to meet him. It was Monday morning and I asked him his plans for the day... He responded with nothing really I'm not working. I happened to be off that day too, so we decided why not make this happen. He came to the door that night and greeted me with those big brown eyes and sweet smile. He was a complete gentleman and we were never at a loss for words. As we were talking I found out he has had two kidney transplants and I myself am I nurse. We both had lost someone close to us and believe that those two men seen us in our darkest hour and brought us together!! I'm proud to say that after 6 months of dating we knew we couldn't live without each other. We are set to wed on July 25, 2015!! Soon to be Mrs. Andrew Zaremski (Denise Geiger)

From Eva Moore:

Hello. My name is Eva Moore and pictured with me is my husband James Moore. We got married June 20th, 1998 when I was 18 years old and he was 19 years old. We became a couple however when I was 16, and he was 17.  After meeting in Spanish class my freshmen year I knew immediately that I liked him...he made me laugh with a silly joke...and his bad haircut didn't stop me from thinking he was cute.  :)  lol   It took a couple years but finally, while I was with someone else...he decided he had a thing for me and told me.  I dumped that guy quick and on September 4th 1996 we became an item.  One year later we took an anniversary trip to Dillions Beach to go camping (This is all in California, where were are from originally), sitting at our campsite under the stars James proposed to me.  I said yes right away...I was so happy!  2 weeks after I graduated high school we were married and living on our own.  It was a small wedding at my church and a simple but fun reception at his parents house in the country.  It was all we could afford but it was perfect for us.  Since then we have had two children, Isaiah who is 12, and Evelyn who is 9.  We moved to Michigan in December 2005 and have happily lived in Ypsilanti Township since.  We get along so well it is scary.  We communicate about everything...even the tough stuff that no one would normally want to share.  We are best according to our kids...great parents!  :)   I love this man like crazy...more and more each year.  I can't wait to see what the next decade and beyond will bring.

From Cyndi Paradiso:

Second time around for us. My mother, who was a devout Christian, and while she was dying in 2012, wanted me to find God again and be blessed with a Christian man. 6 months later, I met my now husband and we married in May 2014. He is truly the love of my life and my mom made sure that we found each other. Cyndi and Rocco Paradiso

From Danielle Black

Met this amazing man 4 years ago at a dealership .. He was a tow truck driver I worked at the dealership ... He locked me in a truck.. He laughed about it.. saved me.. and we fell in love from there ... we have two amazing children.. and we are happily married