PHOTOS: The cat content you didn't know you needed this National Black Cat Day

Posted at 11:28 AM, Oct 27, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-27 12:48:26-04

It's time to celebrate black cats everywhere. Today is National Black Cat Day and the day aims to dispel the bad luck myths surrounding these lovable felines.

GALLERY: National Black Cat Day

We did a callout on Facebook asking viewers to submit photos of their black cats and share a little story about them. Here are a few of our favorite submissions:

"Meet Margie! She spends her days protecting the remote!"

"This is Jango. He is a Yahtzee champion!"

"Hey everyone, meet Salem! He’s 2 years old I Adopted him August 2nd. He’s the sweetest cat I’ve ever known. Very loving and playful.

If I’m on the couch, he comes and sits in my lap. When I wake up in the morning, he’s sleeping right next to me. When I come home from work, he’s at the top of the stairs waiting on me to come pet him and play.

I love this little guy. He’s the best part of my days . . ."

"This is Duvel. We adopted him from Michigan Animal Rescue League nearly 3 years ago. He's an amazingly loving big boy, who only wishes for someone to sit down, so he can have a lap to lay in."

"Happy National Black Cat Day, from Pirate Poppy Cat.
She is a rescue from the MHS from August 2014 & my forever BFF."

"My Evie. When I was going through surgery & chemo she gave me such comfort never let me out of her sight."

"This is our barn cat, Moonpie having a staring contest with a donkey named Naarah. She was adopted from a shelter down in Kentucky and has called the Ararat Ridge Zoo home for several years. She is a favorite of our guests and the zookeepers (myself included) love having her around!"

"This is Mavros he loves dressing up for Halloween, chasing squirrels, eating flies and lounging on the kitchen table. I wouldn’t trade him for the world."

Check out all of the great comments and photos here -- and add yours to the mix.