Planning your Spring Break? We found great travel apps to save you money

Posted at 9:40 AM, Feb 20, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-20 15:22:33-05

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. (WXYZ) — Well for many of you out there, spring break plans are in the works.

Maybe you even have your flight booked. Ameera David is looking at the digital apps now allowing you to offset the costs you incur when you get to your destination.

To make your trip more quality, it all comes down to maximizing your time and money!

Rough February weather is making metro Detroiters want to fly away this spring break season. Between transportation, lodging and entertainment, it could come with a high price tag.

Experts say cruises are one way to control costs but if you’re not the cruising type then lean on the apps.

Take for example: Travel savings expert Gary Leff says the app will compile every little logistical detail in one place.

“Your flight information, your hotel, maybe there’s rent a car, there’s meetings, all the things involved in your trip,” said Gary Leff.

It will allow you to access it throughout your vacation without Wi-Fi connectivity...meaning one less reason to buy a data plan or incur any roaming charges.

For lodging, you can lean on , an app that compiles all the best last-minute rates at top hotels in your travel destination.

“At the last minute, hotels really have a good idea about what rooms are going to go unsold,” said Leff.

Those rooms get offered to you at a discount. And with a promo code, first time users get $25 off.

When it comes to getting around, perhaps you’re not sure whether to use a taxi, or . Using an app called bellhop you can see pricing and wait times across all leading ride shares and taxis at the same you the power to choose the best deal out there.

Landed at an airport a couple a weeks ago, and Uber was having surge pricing, and Uber was going to cost me 50 dollars to get home where as Lyft charged me $22 so always compare.

These apps are great tools to help save, so you don’t waste your money.