Pokemon Go players try to jump fence into cemetery in Dearborn

Posted at 5:28 PM, Jul 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-12 17:30:21-04

Pokemon Go is getting people out and moving, but the game is taking them to places where they may not be welcomed.

Neighbors near Mount Kelly Cemetery in Dearborn have seen players hopping the fence and walking around graves.

Neighbors aren't happy that this place of eternal peace is being disturbed by gamers.

Joe Assenmacher is upset that plaques like this one are drawing in Pokemon Go players inside the Mount Kelly Cemetery in Dearborn.

Joe's father, three siblings and many other relatives have to been laid to rest.

"If there's a service going on and the loved ones see this going on, it's just disrespectful," he said.

The cemetery has been around since the 1830's.

Many fear that people who are playing Pokemon Go could get hurt while walking around while distracted or accidentally tip over older more fragile tombstones.

But it gets worse...

"Climbing over the fence," he said. "It's a difficult fence to climb."

These Poke Stops can be found at the cemetery - this is where you can collect items Poke balls -- plus there is a Poke gym.

Joe explained, "Do it from the outside and respect the people resting in peace here and their families."

"If they want to stay on the outside, fine. But stay out of the cemetery," JoAnne Assenmacher.

Joe's mother used to volunteer at the cemetery and she is upset at the gamers going in. She said, "They should have more respect."

We found Nate Alford people playing Pokemon Go, but he didn't have any plans of going in.

"I think you should respect the privacy and the fact that there are people buried here and this isn't a place to play around," Nate said.

Here's something to remember, you only have to be within 40 meters of a Poke stop, most of the Poke stops in the cemetery can be reached outside of the fence.