Police chase ends with stolen car crashing through garage

Posted: 9:29 PM, Nov 19, 2018
Updated: 2018-11-19 21:29:27-05

The man who owns the home where a car smashed through the garage did not want to be identified but tells 7 Action News he was home when it happened. 

Warren police say this all started after three people stole a car, which led to a police chase. The chase ended near the intersection of Superior and Lorraine when the driver crashed into the side of a garage. 

“See, these two girls jump out the car running towards my garage, running towards to get into the house,” he said. 

The homeowner tells 7 Action News he closed and locked the door leading from the garage into the home so the girls could not get in. He did not know at the time police were right there to make an arrest. 

Not only did the loud bang shock him, but how young the people who ran through his garage looked. 

“Those two girls couldn’t have been no more than about 14 or 15," the homeowner said. "The guy, the taller guy, I would give him maybe 18, 19."

Police say all three suspects were arrested. 

The homeowner says he was planning on hosting Thanksgiving and was keeping all the food in the garage, which will now go to waste.

“Food, all of that was damaged, everything was damaged out there," he said. "Chairs, table – damaged. Everything was set up for the holidays." 

He says he is happy no one was seriously hurt. 

“Their lives were saved, so maybe they can go to jail," he said. "(They) need to learn a lesson but still, they’re not dead, that's the Thanksgiving of it."

Charges could come as early as Tuesday.