Police: Metro Detroit serial road-rager arrested again for trying to hit car

Posted at 3:22 PM, Feb 27, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-27 16:02:52-05

A 28-year-old Harrison Township man was arrested for a second time in two months for extreme road rage.

Joshua Books terrorized at least two victims in Macomb County, using his vehicle to attempt to hit other cars.

Last month Joshua Books was arrested and charged in an incident that involved a woman and her young daughter. Police said the incident was so aggressive that at one point he tried to back his SUV into the woman’s car at high-rate of speed.  The woman drove and made several attempts at getting away from Books, while her daughter called 911.

Deputies impounded Book’s vehicle and he began repeatedly calling 911 and the Sheriff’s non-emergency number.  Book was harassing dispatchers by refusing to listen and shouting vulgar names at them.    

He was arrested and charged with several counts of assault and reckless driving.

Last Thursday Books attempted to T-Bone a Lexus during a road rage incident in Mt. Clemens, said police. 

Police said the driver of the Lexus called 911 fearing for his life. He told police that an argument started over loud music and escalated. The Lexus driver said a black SUV repeatedly tried to strike his car, and at one point, he made a U-turn into oncoming traffic and tried to T-bone, but missed.

The Lexus was able to get away without getting hit.

Macomb County Sheriff’s deputies located the black SUV and initiated a traffic stop. Books was arrested again and charged with one count of Assault With a Dangerous Weapon (4 year felony) and one count of Driving – Reckless (93 day misdemeanor). Books was arraigned in the 41-B Clinton Township District Court and was given a $150,000 bond.