Governor Whitmer still getting criticism for traveling out of state while urging us not to

Posted at 5:26 PM, Apr 21, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-21 17:38:46-04

(WXYZ) — Speaker of the Michigan House Jason Wentworth tells 7 Action News today he doesn’t have a problem with the governor traveling out of state.

Rep. Wentworth says, “The hypocritical nature of some of the administration’s moves lately is the focus I would have on that. I think people should be able to go out and travel safely.”

Governor Whitmer on April 2 in Pontiac said, “In this moment we all know what to do. We just need to all do it.”

The governor specifically urged against travel calling it mobility and saying, “The mobility is a big part of what’s happening here.”

Some reports say she traveled to Florida.

The governor also said on April 2, “Here’s what I know. The number one state in the nation with the most variants is Florida. The number two state is Michigan right now.”

The Governor’s office won’t say where, when, or how she traveled.

Yesterday the Michigan GOP Communications Director Ted Goodman said during a Lansing news conference, “A governor is a leader. Leaders lead. They don’t hide.”

The governor during a Washington Post online interview said yesterday “a short 2 full-day trip to check in on my father who is battling some chronic illness. I was doing both my job as governor from a distance and being that of a daughter who’s helping out a parent who needed a little help. I wasn’t out partying in Miami.”

The governor traveled to Oakland County yesterday morning for a photo op with the Oakland County Road Commission patching potholes. A video was posted on YouTube. The media were not told about it until it was over.

State Sen. Jim Runestad said during the news conference, “So much of the concerns go to transparency and hypocrisy.”