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READ: Snyder releases 3 new batches of emails

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Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder released three new batches of emails on Thursday afternoon. His office released batches 15, 16 and 17.

Snyder has already released more than a dozen batches of emails, with one talking about how the switch to Flint water was made too quickly.

“After the previous 14 batches of emails were released, we continued to search for emails and materials related to the Flint water crisis as part of our ongoing effort to be transparent,” Snyder said in a release. “By making the information easily accessible, everyone can review it, and then we can all focus on working together to find solutions and ways to move Flint forward.”

In one email, a Snyder aide wrote that Flint water remains an issue. That email was sent nine months before the Governor said he knew there was a crisis.

You can read the emails below:

Batch 15

Batch 16

Batch 17