Pontiac considers an official declaration in support of immigrants

Pontiac is being asked to sign a resolution
Posted at 6:23 AM, Mar 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-23 06:23:31-04

Today, the city of Pontiac is being asked to take a formal stand in support of immigrants who live and work in the city.

This comes amid concerns that President Donald Trump’s immigration policy will lead to targeted discrimination of those legally in the country.

Local Latino leaders are looking for reassurance and a commitment from the city in the form of a resolution.

At Thursday night’s meeting, Pontiac City Council will review a document titled: “A resolution of the City of Pontiac, Michigan in support of a solidarity statement that reflects the city of Pontiac’s commitment to being an inclusive, welcoming and safe community.”

It says in part that the city, "welcomes all persons and recognizes the rights of individuals to live their lives with dignity, free of discrimination and targeting because of their age, faith, race, national origin, immigration status"

The resolution ends by stating: "We pledge solidarity and assurance that the City of Pontiac is, and will remain, a welcoming, safe and secure place for families to live and thrive together."

People in Pontiac say they’ve seen more Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents patrolling neighborhoods but ICE tells 7 Action News they have not increased staffing or patrols. The agency says it does not make random raids, but investigates tips.

Pontiac’s Mayor Dierdre Waterman has expressed personal support for the immigrants who live and work in Pontiac. She arranged a meeting between local Latino leaders and Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard who is in charge of policing the city of Pontiac. Sheriff Bouchard stated that his office is not responsible for enforcing federal immigration laws.

Resolutions such as this one raises concerns because of President Trump’s executive order to strip federal funding from "sanctuary cities".