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Local woman helps a disabled veteran make his apartment more wheelchair accessible

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Posted at 6:09 AM, Dec 21, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-21 10:25:31-05

HAZEL PARK, MI (WXYZ) — It was just days before Thanksgiving when Craig Hersha's heat stopped working.

He's a disabled veteran who was living on his own in Hazel Park.

"I'd sit there all day with a towel or a blanket around me you know, shivering," said Hersha.

Hersha's sister, who lives in Tennesee, grew concerned over her brother's welfare, so she turned to social media for help.

Within hours of reading the post, Jessica Hill showed up at Hersha's front door with two space heaters in hand.

"I think the first words she said to me were, "Do you have a broom," Hersha said playfully.

They joke about it now, but Hersha was living in squalor.

His wheelchair at the time was too big, making it hard for him to get around the house. He couldn't take out the trash or sometimes even make it to the bathroom. Hill said she was shocked to see how Hersha was living.

She said God put her in his path for a reason.

"It was heartbreaking especially near the holidays. You know like, it was just sad for me," said Hill. "I couldn't not come back, I couldn't not doing anything."

Hill transformed Hersha's entire living situation and then set out on a mission to make his house more handicap accessible.

She shared Hersha's story with the community and soon donations started pouring in.

"When I first posted the Amazon wish list literally everything was already bought within probably I'd say, in an hour or two," Hill said. "We've gotten him a brand new bed, this arm bar, this refrigerator, and a bedside commode."

Hill says Hersha is still processing how much his life has changed.

"Why me?," Hersha asked, "Why am I deserving of all this assistance."

Hill is hoping to convince Hersha to spend the holidays with her, but she doesn't want to push him too far.

"We'll see," said Hill jokingly.

Hersha has since gotten his furnace fixed and he's now living comfortably in his home. Hill says she checks on him multiple times a week

She also says she and Walker are working on getting Hersha a ramp for the front of his house and they are hoping to make some safety modifications to his bathroom. If you'd like to help out or donate to the cause you can reach out to Hill at