Potholes costing metro Detroiters hundreds in damages

Posted at 5:57 AM, Feb 21, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-21 06:59:20-05

(WXYZ) — Potholes are everywhere and they're costing some drivers a lot of money in damages.

Kyle Antonio says he got two flats after driving over potholes on Dequindre.

“All of sudden I hit this, you know, size of mars type of pothole," he said.

Now, Kyle has two flats and two broken rims on his 2021 Trackhawk. He’s got a temporary fix in place, but the permanent fix is going to be expensive.

"It’s about $1,500 to fix the wheels alone plus another few hundred for the tires.”

Bill Nalu, the owner of Interstate Auto Care says the average cost of tires is around $150. Broken rims can cost up to $700. He advises drivers to be proactive and mindful of potholes.

“Before you head out in the morning, making sure that your rear-view mirrors don’t have any salt or ice on them," he said, "The other part of that is when you get out there just take a rag and clean your headlights a little bit.”

He also suggests putting extra air in your tires to give some extra cushion in case you do hit a pothole.

If you take all precautions and still fall pop a tire on a pothole, Shane Henry of Consolidated Agencies says you can file a claim with your car insurance.

"But they have to be careful because it is actually an at-fault accident," Henry said.

Henry says your best bet is to get in touch with your insurance agent and crunch the numbers to see if it’s worth filing a claim.