State Senate votes to allow people to leave unlocked vehicles running on private property

Posted at 8:08 PM, Jun 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-13 20:08:48-04

"The guy should never have gotten a ticket in the first place," said one Roseville man about the $128 civil infraction Taylor Tripiano received from police after leaving his car unlocked with the engine running to warm it up.

The ticket that was issued in January prompted State Representative Holly Hughes to introduce legislation that would permit people to leave vehicles unlocked with the engine running on private property.

Vehicles left unlocked and running on public streets would still be prohibited.

The bill, which passed the House and recently passed the Senate, now needs the Governor's signature before becoming law.

But attorney Nicholas Somberg who represents Tripiano believes the current law was being misinterpreted.

Somberg is now appealing Tripiano's case.

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