Record-breaking cats feared dead after metro Detroit house fire

Posted at 4:11 PM, Nov 13, 2017

Two record-breaking cats are feared dead following a house fire in Farmington Hills. 

The metro Detroit family owns the world's tallest cat and the cat with the world's longest tail. The animals are both 2 years old. 


William Powers says Cygnus holds the Guinness World Record with a 17.5 inch long tail. His housemate, Arcturus, stand 20 inches tall, also a world record holder. 

This past weekend, Powers' home in the 34000 block of Quaker Valley Lane was destroyed by a fire. William and his wife were able to get out safely, but he says he is worried that the cats didn't make it. 

Fire officials say the owner left the doors open, hoping the cats would get out. So far there has been no sign of them, but neighbors have been on the lookout. 

Neighbor Jason Cerbin said, "You could see the flames starting to get bigger from the back of our house, and then it just got, like, an inferno."

Fire officials say the owners are heartbroken.

"Three cats that reside here are very important to the homeowners," said Fire Chief Jon Unruh. "They treat them like their kids."

Neighbors have been stopping by to look for the cats, hoping they made it out alive. 

Crstina Eckhoff, who lives nearby, said the cats are concerning for the neighbors. 

"Cats don't tend to wander off very far, if at all. They are probably at the house next door, not far." 

Fire officials have not been able to check inside of what's left of the home because it is unstable. 

Once they stabilize it, they will be able to determine the cause of the fire and if the cats made it out or not.

The family are asking that if anyone wants to help, make a donation to the Ferndale Cat Shelter here.