7 Action News viewers step up to help family of little girl battling cancer pay their bills

Posted at 5:56 PM, Jun 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-13 17:56:40-04

It's a story we first brought you last week - a little girl battling cancer, her family in desperate need of some help.

Minutes after our story aired, the calls and emails started pouring in - all from caring viewers who wanted to help make a difference in a little girl’s life.

Trista’s family says the financial stress has eased a bit and now they can focus on taking care of their little girl.

Steve Schulz met Trista today. He donated $2,500 to the family – after Trista’s mom told us last week their only van broke down and the bills were piling up.

He’s not the only one who wants to see Trista get better. The family’s GoFundMe account now has close to $20,000 in it.

Angel of Hope, a family cancer foundation, also fixed the family’s van.

New Day Foundation for Families provides financial stability to cancer patients and their families. They’re also pledging to help.

Gina Spehn says her organization will also be helping out with counseling, care packages and whatever else the family needs.

Trista’s mom says while she is overwhelmed with the support her family as received so far, they are keeping their eyes on the prize – which is for Trista to get better, beat the cancer and go back to being the playful little girl she use to be.

And Trista’s mom says the doctors are saying Trista has at least two and half years more of treatments. We are all praying for her.