As voters approve recreational pot, Medical Marijuana dispensaries warn of a possible shortage

Posted at 7:12 PM, Nov 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-16 19:12:01-05

When medical marijuana patients come to the Reef Dispensary in Detroit, the supply of product is plentiful.

They fear that, if some of the rules in the industry don’t change fast, that may not be the case.  

“Michigan passed medical marijuana for a reason, and there shouldn’t be any reason why there is a lack of supply,” says Rush Hasan,  the operation and business development director at Reef.

Rush tells us that the concerns about the cannabis quantities are the real deal and he’s not blowing smoke.

“If the state continues on with the regulations that licensed dispensaries can only buy from licensed growers, there will not be enough supply for the 300, 000 patients that Michigan currently has,” said Hasan.

it all comes down to simple math, supply and demand, in his opinion and making patients the main priority.

In order to prevent a pot shortage problem, Hasan would hope the powers that be would act swiftly, decisively and smart.

“I would urge the regulators, the state and even the consumers to understand the dynamics. Once that product runs out, then where do they go?” he says with a tremendous amount of worry.

Now, he waits. It’s a business, of course, they want to make money. 

However, they tell 7 Action News they want to help patients even more.