Boy Scouts surprise cancer patients with gifts at Henry Ford Hospital


A handful of cancer patients at Henry Ford Hospital got a little extra attention on Wednesday.

A troop of Boy Scouts showed up with hand-packed cancer care kits to spread a little extra joy before the Holiday. 

Raymond Hickner, a teen trying to earn his Eagle Scout rank, came up with the idea while reading an article published by a Henry Ford oncology certified nurse. The author, Cyndi Ulreich, previously wrote about the needs of cancer patients in a LiveWell blog that the hospital runs.

Hickner said he wanted to do something lasting, and while many of the young men in his troop renovated parks and did things in a physical way, he wanted to leave a mark in a new way. 

"I  had the chance to make people’s days just a little better and a little more fun especially close to the Holidays," said Hickner. 

Daniel Keller was among those that were given a bag of gifts on Thursday. It came as a complete shock.

"What they're doing is important," said Keller. 

Asked to show off a few of the items found inside his cancer care kit Keller pulled out comics, candy and a few toys that he said he looked forward to introducing to his grandchild at home. 

When he pulled out a Chapstick he and his wife, a former den master herself, started laughing. 

"It's on the grocery list!" she said. 

"It is, I swear," said Keller, laughing because he had told his wife he needed some less than a few minutes before the Boy Scouts showed up. 

Hickner said he learned a lot from the trip, and he hopes that the work leads to his Eagle Scout rank. 

At least 12 people received bags of gifts on Thursday. Hickner left a box full of kits for other patients that will come in and out of the hospital for treatment in the future.

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