Business owner hopes surveillance video leads to two attempted thieves who tied to rob her

Posted at 11:20 PM, Aug 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-19 23:20:04-04

Potential thieves have targeted a Detroit grocery store, just getting off the ground.

The owner caught the pair attempting to break out the front window in broad daylight.

Elon Sanders has the entire incident on camera - video she's turned over to police.

But since the suspects didn't take anything she wants this pair caught, so there's no next time.

The surveillance video shows a man and a woman walking down Wyoming. They stop and sit outside of the Organic 4 Life grocery store - under it's ‘Opening Soon’ banner.

The woman attempted to throw a rock at the window, but it didn’t break.

The man then threw with more success. But Sanders was inside and, when she headed out to see what was happening, the pair left quickly.

"As intentional as it looked, I have no idea why it happened,” she says. “That's what I would like to know as a business owner."

Sanders owns nearly the entire block. She's opened and working to open several businesses here.

The Organic 4 Life store doesn't have much on the shelves now. Sanders says she’s getting shipments soon and opening at the end of September.

She finds this entire situation very upsetting.

"If this is your neighborhood, your community, the services, the businesses that we've brought to this neighborhood, everyone is excited about it and why would you do this?," she asks.

Sanders said their actions appeared to be intentional. The woman had been carrying the rock and wearing gloves.

She thinks they would have likely tried to rob the store if she didn't walk out and scare them away.

"They had bags on their hands, they were looking to break in the store and maybe go in and steal some groceries,” she says. “I'll give them free groceries if that's what they need."

If you have information about this pair, call police.  Sanders is even looking to offer a reward.