Detroit orders condemned house demolished

Posted at 7:38 PM, Feb 05, 2016

A man says the home next door needs to be taken down. It has been condemned for years and parts of it are falling onto his home.

It’s something many Detroiters are facing, living in a good home with nothing wrong with it – except it’s next door to a house that is condemned or burned out.

Eric Brown has been living in his house on Roselawn in Detroit since 1963. So he's seen it all.

He lives next to a home that has been charred and condemned for years.

He says his family can't get to the backyard and he now has unwanted visitors in his house too - squirrels.

He says he's been trying to get the city to tear down the house. So, we called and they came right away.

Marshall Bullock II with the city of Detroit says the city didn't have money to take it down years ago, but has since been given federal funds for specific areas in the city, But Brown’s neighborhood isn't one of them.

However, because of how dangerous the home is right now, they will pull from other funds to get it demolished.

The city says they will be taking down the house early next week.

In the meantime, they say if you live next door to house that looks like this and have concerns to call the Department of Neighborhoods.