Community wants to create a mural to honor slain WSU officer Collin Rose

Posted at 7:19 PM, Mar 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-03 19:19:53-05

The community continues to show their support to fallen Wayne State University Officer Collin Rose.

He died in the line of duty in November.

Now a mural club has started a petition to be allowed to pay tribute to the hero.

David Grant of the Detroit Lacquer Club explained, "I have a lot of friends in Detroit and other communities that are police officers, so when something happens to one of them, I take it personal."

He and other club members attended a vigil after Rose died in the line of duty.

That's when they became inspired to create a mural of the officer.

They started a petition on hoping to get permission to paint on a wall on the school's campus.

They released a very rough draft of the plans, but will finalize it this weekend.

"We came across the image with his dog and that's the one we all, who is involved with this, kind of decided that's the one we want to use."

They haven't reached out to school officials just yet.

The club wants to have about 1,500 signatures before doing so.

They are asking to paint on a wall big enough for the 2,000 square foot mural.

"Collin Rose needs to have some kind of tribute that people can pay their respects kind of location. In my eyes, I don't think there is any other acceptable location than Wayne State."

David said a wall close to the police station could be a perfect location.

After they present the school board with the petition and get their blessing, they will start a fundraising campaign to raise about $2,000 for supplies.

They hope to start painting by this summer.

You can sign the petition on