Crowd gathers to hear solutions for Detroit's high auto insurance rates

Posted at 9:48 PM, May 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-08 23:18:48-04

A town hall meeting about car insurance in Detroit drew a packed house on Monday night.

The event was put together by the Detroit Alliance for Fair Auto Insurance at the Galilee Missionary Baptist Church at 5251 East Outer Drive.

A panel including insurance agents, a car accident victim and hospital representatives were all on hand.

Michigan has no fault insurance, the system has just recently been under the microscope, after an investigation by the Detroit Free Press.

The panelists at this meeting say no fault is helping people because of the care it provides after an accident.

The panel argues it’s the way insurance companies calculate their rates that is causing Detroit rates to skyrocket.

"Michigan is only one of a few states in the country that uses credit scores, zip codes and occupations and education to determine what someone's insurance rates should be, that's legalized discrimination,” said Brian Banks, a former state rep. and member of the Detroit Alliance for Fair Auto Insurance.

Banks said legislation and more state oversight will be the solution to dropping rates.

"This forum was put together to educate the residents on our no fault system but also to empower them to have a voice and go to Lansing and bring insurance companies under some type of accountability, it's time that we stop talking about this issue but get some rate relief immediately,” said Banks.