Detroit among surprising cities attracting millennials looking for jobs, LinkedIn says

Posted at 2:12 PM, Sep 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-26 14:21:05-04

While millennials looking for jobs may tend to focus on larger cities like New York, Washington, Los Angeles or even Chicago, they might want to start looking at Detroit.

According to LinkedIn, Detroit is among the five surprising cities attracting millennial job seekers.

Coming in at No. 3, Detroit is ahead of Charlotte, N.C. and Cleveland, Ohio, and behind the Raleigh-Durham, N.C. area and Austin, Texas at No. 1.

LinkedIn looked at the job search behaviors of millennials in the U.S. on LinkedIn to better understand their shifting job preferences. According to LinkedIn, millennials make up 44 percent of all job searches on the website.

"Over the past year, interest in mid-size cities among millennials has grown 25 percent faster than in large cities," Rachel Bowley wrote.

According to LinkedIn, there are over 40,000 jobs in Detroit, with the most popular industries being automotive, IT & services and marketing and advertising.

General Motors, Ford and Quicken Loans make up the most popular companies in the city.

"As the job market has evolved, millennials have continued to thrive and adjust, and as our findings show they are not shy of changing jobs or advancing their careers in less urban cities," Bowley said.

To define a millennial, LinkedIn used the year of graduation with a bachelor's degree on member profiles between 2001 and 2016 and living in the United States.