Detroit Dog Rescue offering $2,000 reward after puppy found mutilated

Posted at 10:21 PM, May 12, 2017

It's being called one of the worst cases of animal abuse one dog rescue has ever seen - a dog's genitals mutilated and then left for dead in a field on Detroit’s east side. 

This story began earlier today on Detroit’s east side, a puppy only a few weeks old was found with his genitals mutilated.

The fight to keep this pup alive is happening right now in Royal Oak, as Detroit Dog Rescue hopes to raise enough money so this pup can again live a normal life.

Kristina Rinaldi with the DDR says what happened to this pup - named chandler - is something she’s never seen before.

“His genitals were detached from his body,” she says.

Chandler, named after Chandler Park - the park he was discovered lying in on Detroit’s east side.

Rinaldi says the pup’s genitals were cut into pieces and says she’s left wondering why someone who be so cruel to this pup.

“It’s either some type of mutilation or what we call back door neuter spay gone wrong,” says Rinaldi.

Detroit Dog Rescue is footing the bill for reconstructive genital surgery. The cost is roughly five thousand dollars.

Rinaldi, willing to do whatever it takes, signed up for a charity bartending event at Black Finn in Royal Oak to help pay for the surgery.

She has this message for whoever nearly killed chandler. 

“Reach out to us,” she says. “A lot of times we spay and neuter dogs for free and you don’t even have to go through all this.”

In addition to paying for Chandler's surgery, Detroit Dog Rescue is also offering a two thousand dollar reward in hopes of finding out who did this to this puppy.