Detroit Fire Department captain suspended over racist social media posts

Posted at 7:06 PM, May 16, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-17 11:06:21-04

A Detroit Fire Department captain is off the job tonight, accused of posting racist messages on his social media.

This all happening Tuesday afternoon.

The attorney for the Council on American Islamic Relations is furious about dozens of racist messages on Facebook. She's accusing an EMS Captain with Detroit's Fire Department of posting them on his personal page.

The posts are on Tim Goodman's social media, his photo and name confirmed by the city.

A section of one post reads, "I drive a truck not a camel. I eat bacon not hummus."

It went on to state, "Goats are farm animal not wives."

Another disturbing one reads, "When your little car bomber brings home his first girlfriend."

Amy Doukoure with CAIR claims Goodman posted more than 70 racist message on his personal Facebook page.

The city of Detroit took swift action, after learning about these allegations Tuesday afternoon.

They sent a statement over to us, saying, "The current matters brought to light through the Council on American-Islamic Relations are profoundly disturbing and are already under investigation. The employee that published the offensive Facebook posts has been placed on administrative leave without pay."

CAIR did not call for the captain to be fired, saying that's up to the Detroit Fire Department.

The organization is asking for the city to update its policies, add education, and possibly some sensitivity training.

We're told the investigation is far from over, and further discipline has not been ruled out.