Detroit Land Bank Authority luring educators to move into city

Posted at 5:18 PM, Nov 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-13 17:20:59-05

Teachers in Detroit are being given an incentive to move to the city.

That's because the Detroit Land Back Authority is selling their auctioned off homes to educators for half price.

"I've been working here for so long that I definitely consider myself an integral part of this community," said Ingrid Macon.

She has been a teacher in Detroit for eight years and has been commuting from outside the city.

Macon hopes to change that very soon since purchasing a home in the Victoria Park neighborhood.

"I loved it instantly, so I knew I had to win this one."

The home was built in 1916, but Macon says the bones and bricks are strong and there is a lot of charm here.

"I just feel honored to be able to restore it and build up this neighborhood as well."

The home was auctioned off in July for $60,000, but since Macon is a teacher in Detroit, she only pays half is that.

Craig Fahle of the Detroit Land Bank Authority explained, "Who better represents that commitment to the city than the people who are educating its children?"

The Land Bank Authority originally began offering the discount over the summer to any full-time educational employee at a public, private or charter school in Detroit.

"Principals, custodial staff, people who work full time in the lunch room," Fahle added.

The Land Bank Authority auctions off three properties a day.

You have six months to make improvements and to get it up to code or nine months if the home is in a historic district.

Fahle added, "If we can take care of these last few properties like this on this block, then this place is going to thrive and that's what we want to see."

Macon's commute will be cut in half and she's hoping this will be an investment for her neighborhood and her wallet.

"I was also looking for a two-family flat, so I can possibly live in one unit and then rent the other one out."

She encourages everyone to consider calling Detroit home.

"This is a great opportunity, especially for teachers in Detroit to come back to our communities and be a part of this movement."

To see the homes up for auction, go to: