Detroit man suing two metro Detroit police departments over alleged rough arrest

Posted at 11:19 PM, Nov 30, 2017

A metro Detroit man says he was beaten by police officers. Now he's taking legal action against two cities and several cops.

Twenty-five-year-old Dominique Slayton of Detroit tells 7 Action News he has never had a negative encounter with law enforcement until January of 2016.

He says he was driving in River Rouge with a friend when he was saw a vehicle approaching him.

Slayton says it was dark and the car did not have any markings and there were no lights or sirens.

He says he didn’t know the person behind the wheel was a police officer, until he was pulled over.

“I pulled over, I got out, they told me to get on the ground and put my hands up and that’s what I did. After they put the handcuffs on me, they beat me up. They kicked me, punched me, broke my tooth and broke my nose,” he says.

Dominque, who says he was the victim of violence by officers from River Rouge and Wyandotte police, was charged with resisting arrest and fleeing and eluding the cops.

This is something he vehemently claims is not the case.

“I never resisted. When they told me to get on the ground I did, they put the handcuffs on me and then they beat me up,” says Slayton.

Now, he and his attorneys have filed a lawsuit against the cities of Wyandotte and River Rouge.
In addition, the lawsuit also cites the officers who, according to legal documents, were there.